(BPRW) Olisae is the Baron Samedi

Recorded and filmed on location in New Orleans, Olisae becomes one of Voodoo's most recognizable personalities

(Black PR Wire) NEW ORLEANS - Nigerian singer songwriter Olisae ("Oh-lisa") lives part-time in New Orleans and is paying tribute to a popular local figure in the African religious diaspora with his latest single "Magical" which sees him becoming the notorious Baron Samedi incarnate. While the single itself is a typical sexy track in his usual style, it has a deep pulsating vibe meant for wide hips and the darkest corners of the dance floor. Olisae merges his native Igbo Nigerian tongue with images and references to shared African voodoo culture from both sides of the Atlantic.

"Magical" drops on all streaming platforms May 25th and the video which has been teased on his social media accounts will be shortly following.

Practitioners and fans of all things New Orleans "dark magic" will recognize the great Loa God and his look as popularized by Hollywood through such movies and shows as Live and Let Die, Grimm, American Gods, and all things voodoo and vampire lore made popular by the city. The video was filmed on location in Olisae's 200 year old mansion in the Marigny and the original costumes were designed and created by his Creative Director and New Orleans native, Dee Speed.

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