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June 13, 2018
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(BPRW) Famed Artist Jason Innocent Aims To Create Awareness With His New Work; America Flag

New York City's most prolific and highly recognize artist

(Black PR Wire) The world is currently going through its worse phase, a lot of vices are happening day after day, terrorist attacks, racism is on the rise, hatefulness only but to mention a few. The world today needs people to come together, with a united voice to stand up against all the evil happening in our time, and artist Jason Innocent has taken the first bold step, by stepping forward and trying to create an awareness with his new work of art named "American Flag".

Well recognized artist Jason Innocent, is proud to bring to the notice of the people of America, Lovers of peace and the world at large, the launching of his new work of art, named the America Flag, a work designed with the aim of bringing attention to the evil happening on earth and how to handle it.

For some, the American flag represents much more than the intended symbolism behind its stars and stripes – be it nationalist pride or the American Dream. For others, the opposite rings true, with this set of individuals taking an iconoclastic approach towards Old Glory. Innocent has chosen to explore this fascinating dichotomy, appropriating its image to create works that challenge viewers’ perceptions and beliefs.

With so much social issues going on in America and the world at large, Jason expressed his opinion by using his unorthodox typography to create an American Flag 2017 poster which includes text like; no racism, no ageism, no ableism, no hatefulness, no fatphobia, no transphobia, no sexism, no homophobia. Jason aims to use the poster to create proper awareness about the issue that plagues the nation.

These posters would be put up in areas of Lower Manhattan, East Village, SoHo, Lower Eastside and Chinatown. With this poster, Jason is appealing to the general public to join him in the work together, to realize the dream of abolishing these vices that are eating deep into our world.

As Artists it’s our job to use our platform to promote social change – Jason Innocent


About Jason Innocent

Born in Brooklyn Jason Innocent(1996-) was the son of a Haitian born mother and father. At an early age, he showed a talent for drawing.

Innocent first gained public attention as graffiti poet while still a teenager. Innocent’s creations are manifestos that denounce inequality, racism, prejudice, and discrimination and defend the values of freedom, dignity, and respect. His art is steeped in music and poetry, harmoniously combining elements of everyday life with classic works of art, literature, music, anatomical drawings, and references to the world of sports, history (especially Afro-American history), life and death. In 2017, Black Art Story included Innocent in "The 20 Greatest African-American Artist of All-Time.

For more information about Jason Innocent, and to download the incredible artwork, visit http://www.JasonInnocent.com

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