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(BPRW) Jason Innocent Is One of Black Art Story’s 20 Most Influential African-American Artist of All Time
(Black PR Wire) Black Art Story released its list of 20 most influential African American Artist of all time last year. click here to see list.
It’s unbelievable how a radical young artist reach massive success at an early age. It's not easy for black artists to stand out. Great art is the first requirement, but it also takes something else—something beyond just the art—to make fans gravitate towards an artist.
"Here to redefine the idea of art. The idea that you have to go to an art school just to be respected as an artist is insane," Innocent explains.
Jason Innocent is a Brooklyn born 22 year, of Haitian descented whose rapid rise from graffiti artist to becoming one of the most successful black artist in America is one of the cultural wonders of 2010’s. Self-taught and fiercely independent. Innocent first achieved notoriety writing mysterious epigrams graffiti in Downtown Manhattan. Innocent's art focuses on themes such as social problems, power structures, class struggle, and Institutional racism. Innocent raw gestural style of painting with graffiti-like images and scrawled text with emotional depth, use of unique symbols and imagery, and formal strengths in vivid color, composition, and drawing. 
A poet and an artist, Innocent blends language in his drawings and paintings, directly referring to racism, slavery, black historical figures and musicians, black nationalism, egalitarianism, pop culture and afrocentrism.
“For the culture," Innocent says.
Innocent is the first African-American artist to have more than one notable works. Those include Egomaniac Donald Trump poster, 39 Drawing, American Flag 2017 and Car Play(animation video). It's little wonder that he's now considered to be one of greatest artist in his generation.