About Us

Black PR Wire, Inc. is the nation's premier news distribution service center. The company's database holds a comprehensive listing of over 1,200 Black-owned publications and media and includes a comprehensive listing of key Black journalists throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Black PR Wire delivers its clients' press releases, video and audio news releases, electronic video messages and electronic newsletters to key reporters, writers, and influential grassroots, social and civic community leaders throughout the country.

Black PR Wire also provides specialized services including direct media calls and product placement pitching as well as audio, video and e-newsletter development and distribution. Our service center has compiled and owns a comprehensive and continuously updated database of Black media and organizations throughout the country and the Caribbean, and has direct contacts with hundreds of Black and minority media outlets, community, social and civic groups and affiliates nationwide.

Black PR Wire delivers to the very core and pulse of the Black community. It is dedicated to providing service that is second to none with our state of the art wire transmission process and technology, our experienced media planners, and our commitment to quality, substance and style that guides every component of our client service philosophy.

The success of Black PR Wire has been phenomenal. Since our establishment, corporations, PR agencies and organizations alike have benefited from our services and our comprehensive list of media contacts --previously missing from other distribution services. Since the launch of the firm in October 2000, Black PR Wire has distributed hundreds of press releases, video and audio messages and electronic newsletters reaching hundreds of thousands of people throughout the nation. The company receives an average of nearly 2,000 hits per day on its popular website, www.blackprwire.com.

To ensure that each client's needs are met, we complement our personal communication with media and reporters through the use of electronic transmissions which enable us to pitch stories to media online, and increase our access to reporters across the United States and the Caribbean. This makes it possible for Black PR Wire to strengthen and broaden our media contacts within each U.S. city and state. If you have a message that you want distributed to the Black markets in any state, region, the entire nation or the Caribbean, call on Black PR Wire, where we distribute the news our media can use!