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May 15, 2009
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Terrilyn Simmons


- Foremost Political Commentator Speaks at 2009 Spelman College Leadership and Women of Color Conference -

(BLACK PR WIRE) ATLANTA, May 15, 2009  – Renowned political strategist Donna Brazile urged Americans to “get your game on and be a part of the movement for change” yesterday when she delivered the keynote address at the 2009 Spelman College Leadership and Women of Color Conference.

Offering “practical ideas about how to lead in the Age of Obama,” Brazile gave President Obama top marks for the first 115 days but ultimately placed the responsibility of leadership and change in the hands of citizens.

“President Obama has given us all the tools we need. Go through his budget; go through the stimulus; go through all of the executive orders. You’ll see that he’s given us what we want, what we voted for, what he promised. So it now comes to us. It starts with us. We’re going to have to become the leaders that we’ve always searched for.”

At the gathering of more than 300 thought leaders, Brazile encouraged the audience to get involved in their own communities by securing grants through; communicating with leaders via new technologies such as Twitter and Facebook; and, building coalitions among those with shared commonalities.

“We are the leaders. We are the pot-stirrers, the tree-shakers. We must use this hour, this moment to continue to push for change. It’s time that we remind every citizen in this country that they have a responsibility to serve, a responsibility to act and a responsibility to keep those in power accountable to those who elected them.”

While Brazile said President Obama is off to a good start, she cautioned that there is more to do and change doesn’t just come from Washington D.C., it comes from within.

“Our 44th president may not be perfect but he’s in the game, scoring points for America. And, we will all be the winners if he succeeds. So it’s time to rest up and get your game on. Be a part of this movement for change and help President Obama fulfill the promises he made.”

The Spelman College Leadership and Women of Color Conference is an annual event that brings together a diverse group of thought leaders to exchange ideas and new strategies for building strong communities.