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June 11, 2009
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(BLACK PR WIRE) ( June 11, 2009) Are you ready for the digital divide? The countdown is on! June 12th, the date when television goes all digital, is rapidly approaching.
According to DTV Answers, an initiative of the National Association of Broadcasters, Digital television (DTV), is an innovative type of broadcasting technology that provides crystal-clear pictures and sound, and more programming choices than ever before. 

The majority of people with analog sets, who get their TV broadcasts over the air, already know they need to get a converter box for the analog TV (or a new digital TV) to see the new signals. The switch is anticipated to free up airwaves for broadband and enhanced emergency communications for police, firefighters and other first responders. 

DTV makes it possible for stations to broadcast multiple channels of free programming all at once (called multicasting), instead of broadcasting one channel at a time. DTV technology can also be used to deliver future interactive video and data services that analog technology can't provide.
A big plus of DTV is that it will provide more programming options for TV viewers. Based on research from Nielsen, African Americans continue to watch more television than the total U.S. composite. However, viewing in African American households is more likely to be to ad-supported cable television (62%) than broadcast network (40%). 

“Digital platforms have affected the entire media landscape,” says Bernadette Morris, president/CEO of Black PR Wire. “The public has an enormous interest in on demand media and digital video alternatives, ranging from television, to mobile devices, to the Internet.”
According to Nielsen, at-home TV viewing recorded a remarkable 151+ hours per month for the typical Nielsen household in the last quarter of 2008. Internet users logged on for more than 27 viewing hours each month. Time-shifted TV viewing via devices like digital video recorders accounted for an additional 7+ hours per month—a 33% increase over the fourth quarter of 2007. Mobile subscribers consumed nearly four hours of video on a mobile phone and almost three hours looking at video on the Internet. 

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