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August 26, 2009
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(BPRW) Education Online Services Corporation Announces Educational Partnership with Tougaloo College

(BLACK PR WIRE)(August 26, 2009) NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp.) announced today that Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President, Education Online Services Corporation and Dr. Beverly Wade Hogan, President, Tougaloo College have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as pertains to the establishment of an Educational Partnership between the two parties and the development of an online degree program.

Education Online Services Corporation enables colleges and universities to maximize online higher education. Specifically, the MOU outlines how EOServe Corp. will assist Tougaloo College with the development and implementation of a comprehensive online degree program which will be supported by recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation coaching services provided by EOServe Corp.

According to the most recent survey conducted by The Sloan Consortium and The Babson Survey Research Group, approximately one-third of higher education institutions account for 75% of all online enrollments and that future growth is expected to come from these and similar institutions as they adopt and implement new programs and grow existing ones. Education Online Services Corporation is committed to reaching out to these institutions such as Tougaloo College, to offer assistance with the technology platform and services needed to establish a successful online degree program.

Tougaloo College is a private, historically black, liberal arts institution, accessible to all persons regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, or creed. The College prepares students to be imaginative, self-directed, lifelong learners and mindful thinkers, committed to leadership and services in a global society by offering a high quality liberal arts studies program.

We are excited that Dr. Hogan and her academic team at Tougaloo College have made a firm commitment to bring Tougaloo into the 21st century by developing comprehensive online degree programs. By offering a hybrid model of both campus and online-based degree programs, it will allow this historic institution rich in tradition, the ability to extend its mission beyond its geographical boundaries, stated Ezell Brown, CEO & Chairman of EOServe Corp., Tougaloo was visionary when it was founded in 1869 and this decision reinforces the fact that they remain visionary today and we are honored that Dr. Hogan and her team chose Education Online Services Corporation as their online education service provider. added Chairman Brown.

President Hogan said, Tougaloo College wants to remain competitive and viable in today’s climate of higher education and understands that to do so, the college must diversify its offerings and the pathways of opportunities for students to receive a college education. Online education is a strategic initiative that the College plans to more broadly incorporate with the assistance of EOServe Corp. We approach online education with the same intentional commitment to produce ethical, thoughtful leaders who are prepared to meet the challenges of informed citizenship through the support of competent, caring and engaged faculty and staff. We expect all of our students to bear the markings of a Tougaloo education. We are looking forward to furthering our partnership with Education Online Services Corporation. This company understands and appreciates our rich legacy of academic excellence and social responsibility and the quality of graduates the College produces.

Tougaloo College is one of the most prestigious colleges in America and throughout the world. Education Online Services Corporation is very pleased to establish this relationship with this historical institution and support its global efforts to recruit, enroll and graduate students online, explained Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President of EOServe Corp. As a result of this educational partnership, President Beverly Wade Hogan is leading Tougaloo College forward to new vistas of academic achievement and innovation, emphasized President Chavis.

About Education Online Services Corporation
Education Online Services Corp (EOServe Corp) was founded by a select team of Academic and Marketing Executives which recognized the opportunity to help the under-served market of historical black colleges and universities develop full-service online curriculum programs and increase enrollments for students and communities while also emphasizing retention and student support functions. Based in Coral Springs, Fl, the company offers a complete suite of custom solutions designed to develop, implement, and manage online curriculum platforms for colleges and universities.

About Tougaloo College
Founded in 1869 by the American Missionary Association, Tougaloo College was chartered on the principles that it be accessible to all irrespective of their religious tenets, and conducted on the most liberal principles for the benefit of our citizens in general. Tougaloo acknowledges and respects its traditions, remains dedicated to the equality of all people, and continues to be a value-oriented community where students are guided by a concerned faculty and staff. The members of this community apply current knowledge to prepare students for lifelong learning related to new information and emerging technologies, as well as humane standards in a global society.