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December 16, 2009
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Della Spearman
Interdenominational Theological Center

(BPRW) The Smiths are on the Nobel Road Again with New Discoveries

(BLACK PR WIRE/ITC-ATLANTA) – The Smiths appear to have it all. But Will Smith, 41, says he is still on the road to self-discovery. Both Smith and S. Allen Counter, the brother of famous actresses Debbie Allen and Phylicia Ayers-Allen Rashad, are still climbing mountains and exploring new frontiers. Counter, a neurophysiologist and director of the Harvard Foundation of Harvard University, was influential in the decision for the Smiths to co-host the Nobel Peace Prize concert. Counter completed an expedition to the North Pole earlier this year (April) and was previously appointed Consul General of Sweden in select states in America.

The Smiths’ selection as co-hosts was made prior to Obama being selected for the highest award given in Oslo. The Smiths attended the award ceremony Thursday which honored President Obama as the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and interviewed the nation’s top leader. They co-hosted the Peace Prize Concert Friday and clips of the interview were aired during the concert held at the Oslo Spektrum. The Obamas were unable to attend the concert which is the traditional end to the festivities.

The concert featured international artists including the 2009 Eurosong contest winner Alexander Rybak, Toby Keith, Donna Summer, Chinese pianist Lang Lang and Wyclef Jean. Jean mingled with the audience and the country’s top leaders during the concert and danced, saying, “This is the Obama two-step…Are you ready to dance?”

Smith said in a previously published report, “You know, once you reach your 40th birthday, the world starts looking a little different.” Using his grandmother’s wit and wisdom, he said she always reiterated, “Make the world better just because you were there.” Two of the Smith children who are movie actors made appearances with their parents at the concert. Willow, 9, and Jaden, 11, attended the concert. Jaden spoke Mandarin onstage to performer Lang Lang during the concert and the audience applauded.

According to a report published in the Examiner.com, the children were described as “wild-haired” at the concert. The concert was streamed live Friday on CNN.com and is expected to air next year on the USA cable channel. When interviewing Obama, Smith remarked on being nervous in front of the camera, something he hasn’t been in a long time. He said he and his wife admire the president and his wife. “They are an extraordinary family.”

The concert was not without controversy. Remarks made by country artist Toby Keith caused quite a stir in certain circles, because he said he stood behind Obama even in times of war and the event was one of peace.