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February 09, 2010
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Humorous tell-all provides "Cheat Sheet" and other useful tools for spotting a loser

(BLACK PR WIRE) LOS ANGELES, CA - February 9 - First-time author Dee Sanderson has written the definitive guide to avoiding the pitfalls of a bad relationship and surviving the cheating spouse in How To Marry A Loser Without Even Trying. The book touches on themes of responsibility, accountability, love and loss. She populates the semi-auto biographical read with hilarious and sometimes disturbingly truthful anecdotes.

How To Marry A Loser… is creating quite a buzz with The Cheat Sheet (Chapter 15), Sanderson’s tongue-in-cheek guide to help the reader recognize when he or she has encountered a loser. As clearly stated in # 6 on The Cheat Sheet, “If he’s unhappy, it just means you’re not trying hard enough.” The introduction of catchy terms like “Family TMI Alerts” serve as fair warnings to Sanderson’s family and close friends to prepare to be surprised by the information about to follow. In a life changing moment, Sanderson learns how to bring about the best in her life while in the company of a group of alleged delinquents.

From the moment Sanderson introduces her couch-loving husband, simply referred to as “K”; she delves deep into her own psyche and puts forth the most humorous take on why this was far from a fairy tale marriage. Yet, she remained undeterred in her efforts to save her marriage even if it meant maintaining the growing dysfunction.

Readers are taken on the inevitable roller coaster ride of emotions that signify this provoking look at her struggle to change her life and her man.

How To Marry A Loser Without Even Trying
by Dee Sanderson / 2009
$14.95/ 211 pages
ISBN: 978 0 9842420 0 9
Available at and

About the Author
Dee Sanderson was born in Queens, NY. She attended the University of Virginia. After graduation, she began a successful career in Computer Programming. She lives in southern California and is an occasional contributor to blogs and online publications primarily focused on relationships.