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March 09, 2010
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Kim Fulsom


-Top industry experts share best practices in minority outreach-

(BLACK PR WIRE) In recognition of Black History Month and in celebration of their continued partnership, Business Wire and Black PR Wire launched their 2010 Minority Leadership Series last month. The series kicked off February 26th with the “Media & Public Relations Best Practices Webinar,” a 90-minute session providing insights used to attain success in public and media relations practices from the corporate, small business and government perspectives.

“We are so pleased participants around the globe joined us for what was truly an informative and engaging event,” said Bernadette Morris, president and CEO of Black PR Wire and moderator of the webinar. “Our panel of experts proved through their fascinating cases how effective communication with minority markets leads to great success for any organization.”

Presenters for the webinar included Racquel White, communications director for The Coca-Cola Company Eurasia and Africa Group; David Rudd, vice president, The Axis Agency; and Althea Harris, Esq., assistant director for marketing and outreach, Area 1, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The webinar was co-presented by Raschanda Hall, global media relations manager with Business Wire.

Black PR Wire is now planning more exciting events to come as the Minority Leadership Series moves forward. The series, part of the ongoing partnership with Business Wire, will be used to showcase the best of multicultural services and practices used by business professionals in the country. It will also provide networking opportunities for small businesses and organizations in the country.

This inaugural webinar is now available, in its entirety, free for online viewing! Simply click here, or log on and check the events page. If you have already registered for the webinar, you can provide your e-mail address when prompted. Otherwise, simply enter your e-mail address and complete the quick registration form before viewing the webinar. For more information on the Media & Public Relations Best Practices Webinar, please contact Matthew Beatty at 1-877-BLACKPR.

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