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June 08, 2010
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(BPRW) Kansas City, MO: "The City of Dazzling Fountains and World-Famous Barbecues"

(BLACK PR WIRE) -- Kansas City is a diverse community that celebrates its deep African-American roots. You’ll find a number of sites that explore this rich cultural heritage. We invite you to discover all that the “City of Fountains” has to offer.

Music, particularly jazz, is a crucial part of the heart and soul of Kansas City. Together with our history of strong black community leaders and elected officials, it forms one of the major foundations of our community. No where is this African-American heritage more prevalent than at 18th & Vine, where legendary jazz musicians and Negro Leagues Baseball players helped shape the rhythm and feel of the city you’ll find today.

Discover a city brimming with unique adventures that will make your time here special—eclectic cuisine, energetic jazz at The Blue Room, one-of-a-kind museums like the American Jazz Museum and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, a thriving arts scene and fantastic shopping.

If you’re a barbecue lover, our signature food can be found at more than 100 barbecue establishments, but you can also delight in restaurants of every ethnic origin. Our world-renowned jazz legacy can be heard nightly in clubs throughout the city. And, our magnificent fountains such as the Spirit of Freedom Fountain number more than any city except Rome.

We’re proud of Kansas City’s deep cultural history. We invite you to visit the sites that showcase this rich African-American heritage and experience the colorful tapestry of music, culture and history that ties us to the past.