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July 06, 2010
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(BPRW) Is Your Prayer Life Like a Pack of Now and Laters?

(BLACK PR WIRE) – Do you remember the popular candy known as Now and Laters? Or how about that square piece of candy that came in so many different flavors and was hard to chew at first? Some of my favorite flavors are cherry apple, mango melon and tropical punch. No matter what kind I buy from the store, I always think about the slogan on the front of the package, “Hard 'N Fruity Now and Soft 'N Chewy Later.”

This tagline is not just used to promote this product and define what you can expect while enjoying a delicious pack of Now and Laters, but also how some of us handle our everyday problems when it comes to our prayer life. Rather than be proactive about a situation and pray right now, some people become reactive and pray later when the circumstance seems to be getting out of control. Now do you see how we can be considered like Now and Laters?

God examines our hearts and the motives behind what we do while the world critiques our physical appearance. In other words, your friend may have a sweet tooth for a particular candy like Starburst. Once he or she identifies the color of the packaging, that person may be more willing to buy the candy rather than consider the amount of sugar.

Here is where our creator is different from us. He is concerned with the condition of your heart and not so much what type of clothes you are wearing. As mentioned earlier, some of us are like Now and Laters because our hearts are hard and fruity (sinful), filled with lust, envy, jealously and greed. However, when we allow His word to have the final authority, we will discover the instructions He provides us to be soft and chewy (easy to digest later).