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September 17, 2010
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Dwain Young
Brian Thomas

(BPRW) Wazaa Ardhi Originals Apparel launches new clothing line to honor African-American history and pride 365 days a year

(BLACK PR WIRE) —Wazaa Ardhi Originals Apparel, a U.S. clothing company inspired by history and the civil rights movement, announces the launch of Urban Knowledge Street Wear, a breakthrough clothing line men and women that fuses contemporary street style and history. Their signature Resistance line of T-shirts and other apparel mark historic events in civil rights, such as the 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles that erupted as a reaction to police brutality.

Dwain Young and Brian Thomas created the Resistance line to memorialize important events in history, spark dialogue and spread cultural consciousness. “Our clothes are walking history lessons, paying tribute to events that changed the future and make us who we are today. The Resistance line is all about the shared history that many of us have forgotten or never knew. Urban Knowledge Street Wear is not just a clothing line, it is a movement.”

Although Young and Thomas are strongly influenced by the past, their designs are distinctly forward-looking with a modern, urban aesthetic. “What inspired us is a love of history. We want our customers to feel a sense of pride and respect while wearing our clothes.” Street reviews of the Resistance line have been overwhelmingly positive, with customers expressing “I Love the Resistance line. I want them all,” and “"Nothing like this anywhere, real cool.” Now Urban Knowledge Street Wear is available to wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

The current line includes T-shirts, hoodie jackets and collared polo-style shirts, in sizes kids to adults 5X, with jeans, shorts, hats and other pieces to follow. Wholesale prices range from $12.00 to $30.00. Besides the Resistance line of apparel, Urban Knowledge Street Wear offers a collection of T-shirts and other uniquely designed pieces that incorporate images of African-American leaders, and graphics and motifs from early cultures. “We go back to Ancient Africa for color, style and flavor.”

Wazaa Ardhi Originals Apparel, whose name means “mother land,” designs and distributes Urban Knowledge Street Wear, a clothing line that commemorates important events and leaders in modern and ancient history—not just African-American history, but human history—and features the innovative Resistance line of clothing inspired by the civil rights movement. For more information, contact Dwain Young 951 368 8731 or Brian Thomas 626 622 9048.