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September 18, 2010
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(BPRW) Keep Your Cool During the Cold Season

(BLACK PR WIRE) – It’s that time of year again when everything gets cooler. The sweaters, scarves and mittens come on, and the hot chocolate comes out. For those living in northern cities, the snow comes out too. Not everyone enjoys the winter season, because it is also the season where people often catch colds. Colds seem to be a universal condition, possibly because they are easily transmitted at workplaces, schools and homes by contact with the hands and the mouth. It is a rare person who goes through life without ever catching a cold.

Colds are primarily caused by viruses, not by cold weather itself. Since there is no cure for the actual cold virus, cold sufferers rely on methods that only treat the outward symptoms of a cold, such as a runny or stuffy nose, sore throat or coughing. People try chicken soup, vitamin C supplements, over-the-counter medications, inhaling steam and several other remedies to cure a cold, all with varying levels of success. All cold sufferers would agree that prevention is the best medicine.

Following these precautions all year long can lessen your risk of catching a cold or a similar virus, and allow you and your family to enjoy the best of the winter season:

• Wash your hands vigorously with warm water and soap. Keep a container of water-free hand sanitizer or disinfectant hand wipes with you as you travel.

• Disinfect your household, office and car surfaces, and anywhere else you sit for extended periods of time.

• Disinfect any equipment that comes in contact with your mouth, ears or nose, such as a telephone, headset, mouthpiece or earplugs.

• Wash all items that come in close contact with your body regularly, including clothing, blankets, bed linens and towels.

• Avoid sharing personal items with other people.

• Replace your toothbrushes after a few months or when they start to look frayed.

•Wash all your cookware, plasticware and utensils before and after each use.

• Catch your “Z”s and your “C”s. Getting enough sleep and eating foods high in vitamin C will keep your body’s immune system strong.

• Avoid close contact with someone who already has a cold.

• If possible, wash your hands and dishes with disposable paper towels instead of cloth towels or sponges.