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December 26, 2010
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(BPRW) Text While Driving and Your Legacy Could Be a Question Mark

(BLACK PR WIRE) – Recently I read a church bulletin board that said, “Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet Him.” Some drivers might find this message funny and catchy, but the sad truth is that a large percentage of car accidents occur because of texting while driving. If eyewitness news reports and social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter won’t help enforce the seriousness of this bad habit, then what will?

Just about anything that can take your attention off the road while driving is considered dangerous. Even talking on your cell phone and driving under the influence of alcohol. Now many drivers have watched the news, read the reports and even witnessed deadly car accidents, but still this habit seems to be taken as a joke rather than an instant invitation to death.

The age group struggling most with breaking this foolish habit is young adults between the ages of 18-25. There are drivers older than 25 who also engage in texting while operating an automobile, but many teenagers and young adults are just learning to drive, so to them it’s “cool” to text and drive.

I encourage all drivers to consider not just the dangers of texting while driving, but also how this could leave a lasting memory for your family and friends. Let’s stop driving without a seat belt, texting while driving, and talking on the phone while in traffic. Will you leave a legacy or a question mark? It’s only a text message, but your life is more valuable.