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October 22, 2010
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Tiffany Nealy
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

(BPRW) How to Manage Your Time

(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) – With papers, projects, and deadlines consistently running many students’ lives, time management is one way to relieve some of the stress. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off is normal for many college students, especially since midterm season is rolling around. The following tips may help to find ways to manage your time.

• Plan Ahead – Take the time to think about all the things that need to be accomplished for the day. For example, pack a lunch the night before. This will help cut down on some of the morning stress.

• Set a daily personal goal – Staying goal-oriented may help you keep a determined and positive attitude; it may also help put in perspective what is most important.

• Keep a planner – Writing down things is a great tool, simply because it is always accessible. Being able to go back and take a look can help things maintain relevance.

• Make a to-do list – Prioritizing the to-do list helps you to stay on task. Remember to cross off what has been completed.

Anthony Magee, a senior political science student from Fort Lauderdale said, “I was terrible with managing my time when I first entered college. Being a part of a fraternity and going to school showed me the importance of prioritizing my day.” With more than 40 percent of Americans classifying themselves as disorganized, finding a method of time management that works may not be so simple. However, taking the time to try out different methods can provide a stress-free atmosphere.

Karla Black, a freshmen business administration student from Jamaica said, “Being in college is definitely not like high school. I really have to plan out my day in order to get everything I need accomplished. I utilize to-do lists because being able to see and cross off what I have done keeps me motivated.”