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December 21, 2010
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Tiara Kennedy
Bennett College for Women

(BPRW) Students Working Over Food

(BLACK PR WIRE/BCFW-GREENSBORO, NC) -- As the end of the semester approaches, college students are dieting, but not by choice. Stress from work overload changes many students’ eating habits. Senior journalism and media studies major Zipporah Sanders is skipping meals to complete final projects. Sanders said she has been stressing for a couple of months. “Eating and my social life have been cut off a little bit,” she says.

Yet, Bennett’s director of counseling services, Robin Campbell, says it is important to feed your body. “Food gives us energy and if your brain is not being fed, then how can you operate to your full capacity? This means even going to class and being able to listen,” she explains.

Sophomore journalism and media studies major Briana Smith says she also skips meals because she does not enjoy the cafeteria food. “I try to avoid it as much as possible so I probably only eat once a day,” she commented. According to Campbell, skipping meals is a sign of stress. To help with stress, she advises students to make a schedule, drink water and get plenty of rest.

Campbell says students should pick up a healthy snack, such as a fruit, when they are on-the-go. “So if you’re getting ready to go to the library or wherever, at least you can grab an apple and you can eat that on your way to the library,” she said. Campbell says snacks are only substitutes and should not be your main meal.