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June 21, 2011
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(BLACK PR WIRE) – LOS ANGELES (JUNE 21, 2011) – June kicks off a big summer for Hollywood notable Christian Keyes as many of his much-anticipated film, television and theater projects are finally released to the public. With an additional three DVD films coming out before September, Keyes is busy promoting his latest release, “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs,” which went on sale Tuesday, June 11. Leading the cast along with Vivica A. Fox, Keyes stands out in this laugh-out-loud stage play packed with comedy, drama and spirited vocal performances.

“This play will give you those good laughs that come from the stomach!” shared Keyes on “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs.” “It’s an intelligent comedy that shows how black folk can conquer and grow. Of all the plays I’ve done, this is definitely one of my favorites.”

Keyes plays Tim, an imperfect man that grows from a selfish husband to an understanding partner with the help of some unlikely spiritual guidance. The complex character challenged Keyes to fight and win the audience’s appreciation. “I like that Tim shows development throughout the story despite his flawed start,” said Keyes. “It really allowed me to grow as an actor playing such a unique guy in a not-so-positive relationship.”

Tim’s wife, Lisa, is played by Vivica A. Fox of “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” and “Two Can Play That Game” fame. Fox brings her trademark sassiness to the role, playing well off of Keyes’ smoother demeanor. “Vivica is one of the realest people you ever want to meet,” Keyes said of the play’s leading lady. “This entire cast is so talented that they just push you to step your own game up.” The cast, along with Keyes and Fox, also features R&B legend Johnny Gill, Elise Neal (“Hustle and Flow”) and Tony Grant (“Why Did I Get Married?”).

Coming down the pipe in the next few months are a variety of fresh, new projects where Keyes solidifies his role as a lead actor in the industry. “Love Me or Leave Me,” which broke GMC network ratings when it aired recently, also stars Keyes along with Terri J. Vaughn (“The Steve Harvey Show”) and Clifton Powell (“Ray”). His latest television project, “She’s Not Our Sister,” is a compelling drama about a group of siblings faced with burying their father and an unknown sister that surfaces, sending the family into a tailspin. That original play will air exclusively on GMC Saturday, June 25, 2011. Keyes has also signed on for another season of “Let’s Stay Together” set to hit BET this fall.

“Whether it’s television shows, film or the stage, I get a rush from doing what I love,” he commented. “I am just excited to continue growing – creating and writing shows for myself and other actors.”

The man Tyler Perry has named as “one of the most consistent male actors I’ve ever worked with” is stepping confidently into the mainstream spotlight. You can catch showings of “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs” on BET this summer, but to get your copy, click here. Check out Christian Keyes on Facebook, Twitter and his website,, for the latest information on upcoming projects.

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