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October 20, 2011
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(BPRW) African's New myDNAmixâ„¢ Reveals One's Ancestral Mix and Puts Family Folklore and Other Genetic Curiosities to the 'Test'

New DNA Admixture Test Helps People of All Backgrounds Learn their Unique Ancestral Make-Up

(BLACK PR WIRE) - WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Have you ever wondered where your family nose really came from or been curious about why your eyes are set a certain way? And how many times have you heard people say ..."I have Indian in my family"? Well African Ancestry's new test – myDNAmix – launches today to put the rumors to rest once and for all. myDNAmix determines the exact percentages of one's unique ancestral make-up from five major populations – Indigenous Americas (Native American), East Asia, West Sub-Saharan Africa, West Europe and India Subcontinent. myDNAmix soft-launched in select cities during the summer, and is now available nationwide at

"Prior to taking the test, we asked people what they thought their mix was and so many people believe their ancestries are 100 percent of something like African, European, Asian, etc., when in fact, many people are not," said Gina Paige, president and co-founder of African Ancestry. "It's also interesting when people find out they have zero percent of something they always thought was somewhere in their make-up."


myDNAmix is an admixture test that determines various ancestries included in one's genetic make-up. The new product differs greatly from African Ancestry's flagship products – MatriClan™ and PatriClan™ -- which use DNA to determine Central and West African countries of origin for its test-takers. Like its other products, myDNAmix is self-administered, safe and easy. Using swabs from the inside of the cheek, world-class scientists analyze specific DNA sequences inherited from one's parents, and compare it to a worldwide ancestry database to determine one's ancestral mix. The results are delivered electronically in about six weeks, and include an Analysis Certificate signed by leading geneticist and African Ancestry Co-founder Dr. Rick Kittles, with a graphical breakdown of the tester's admixture by percentages. The results are the same for one's sibling(s); however the results are not the same for other family members such as parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.


myDNAmix is for everyone, but especially those who want to satisfy curiosities and unproven family legends. People that have no access to information about their ancestral histories such as adoptees can use myDNAmix as a reliable starting point, as well as family historians who want to confirm or complement their genealogy research. myDNAmix is also a great learning tool for parents who want to teach about DNA or use for family projects.

"We're all the sum total of our parts and myDNAmix shows just how varied those parts are," said Paige. "People are uncovering surprising things about their genetic pedigree that traditional genealogy research or physical observations just can't determine."

myDNAmix is available online at at an introductory rate of only $199.00. Visit myDNAmix on Facebook at for more information, promotions and to explore your ancestral curiosities today ... What's Your Mix?


African Ancestry Inc. pioneered African lineage matching in the United States utilizing its proprietary DNA-database to more accurately assess present-day countries of origin for people of African descent. African Ancestry's product lines includes the MatriClan™ and PatriClan™ as well as myDNAmix™, which is an admixture test introduced in 2011 to determine one's unique ancestral make-up. African Ancestry's reveals have impacted the lives of more than 100,000 African Americans including global leaders. African Ancestry marked an historic milestone by uncovering the ancestral roots of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Marcus Garvey posthumously using the DNA of their descendants. has been featured on CNN's Black in America series, NBC's Who Do You Think You Are?, Essence Magazine and the ground-breaking PBS special "African American Lives 1 & 2" with Henry Louis Gates. African Ancestry is African-American-owned and headquartered in Washington, DC. Visit us at and join us on Facebook at

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