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November 10, 2011
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Carla Cody, Esq.

(BPRW) Author asks readers: Are You LIVING Together, or DYING Together?

- Dr. Wanda Ross Padilla's new self-help book now available on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles online! Foreword to book by Les Brown, world famous motivational teacher and author -

(BLACK PR WIRE) – Santa Fe, NM – Are You LIVING Together, Or DYING Together? Dr. Wanda Ross Padilla is a true example of experience being a great teacher! She is a former Miss Bethune Cookman College, a former member of the Nation of Islam, has traveled the world, reaching almost every continent more than once, and has transformed her life, love and most importantly, her personal relationships; which she believes is her most successful venture yet! “Anyone can be a saint when they are alone!” says Dr. Wanda. “The Work comes when you’re in an actual relationship, any relationship; if you want to be happy.”

She has written a book which clearly outlines for the reader seven powerful tools used by Dr. Wanda Ross Padilla, not only in her Holistic Life Coaching practice, but also in her personal life. With these tools, her life is becoming one of order, fulfillment and bliss. To achieve this in your own life, she urges the reader to use “skills, not pills.” The tools (skills) she uses are ancient, from the masters throughout the ages. Each tool has modern psychological and spiritual insights. In this book, the author helps readers resurrect their intimate relationship with their partners. Her book starts with her very personal yet entertaining memoir and journey, which reveals what she has learned and how she transformed her life.

She was born and raised in the South during racial segregation as the daughter of teen-age parents. Today, she is a HOLISTIC LIFE COACH whose spiritual journey has taken her all over the globe in search of a holistically fulfilling life (a vibrantly healthy physical body, a clear focused mind, becoming emotionally balanced and a soul full of love and compassion for all). Her goal is to share her path with the world in a succinct, practical and soul touching manner, which she does in this transformational book

Most, if not all, have struggled to keep their relationship with their partners intact. Dr.Wanda Ross Padilla experienced the same struggle—and has found the solution most people are still looking for. In this book, she helps readers resurrect their intimate relationship holistically in three parts. First, she shares her memoir, revealing how she attracted and is living a fulfilling life with her soul mate. In part 2, she shares the practical tools she uses in her own fulfilling relationship and her Holistic Life Coaching practice. Finally, she tells readers how to get and stay fit forever and why this is critical to the LIFE of their relationship.

“Get to know yourself and get to know the significant others in your life, the one you live with. Treat him or her the way they want to be treated. Learn how to truly live together and not die together!” the author says.

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About the Author
Dr. Wanda Ross Padilla, is a native Floridian with Bahamian roots. She is a former Miss Bethune Cookman College (now Bethune Cookman University); she earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Education; a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Doctorate Degree in Public Administration (Nova University). She is an ordained Metaphysical Spiritual Teacher, and a trained Life Coach. As a seeker most of her life, she has traveled the world from Africa to China, and to almost every continent, in order to bring to you tools and skills from the Masters. She has studied with teachers/Shamans/Gurus from India, Peru, Mexico, Hawaii and the U.S. Her life is an example of her teachings….she “walks her talk.”

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