For Immediate Release
March 26, 2012
Contact Information

Bridgette Elliott
Vice President/Board of Director


(BLACK PR WIRE) – (Lake Park, FL - March 26, 2012) - BSC’s initiative on African Americans for Obama provides, for the first time in history, opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners to finally achieve phenomenal success. Having been appointed to head up the BSC initiative on African Americans for Obama, Bridgette Elliott, Vice-President/Board of Director says “This initiative is one that is driven by change in order to catapult small business owners to the ultimate level of promotion/branding/marketing of their products.”

The Black Shopping Channel (BSC) is a privately held company. CEO/Founder Cleveland Gary's goal is to take the company public before the end of 2012. BSC has secured TV distribution contracts with Dish Network, Time Warner, Direct TV, Comcast and Charter Communications. BSC will operate in 75 million broadcast and cable subscriber homes across the U.S. creating opportunities for small business owners to generate substantial revenue from the sale of their products. BSC’s IPTV Networks reach millions worldwide. “Wage earners and consumers drive Fortune 500 profits. Our goal is to promote capitalism to the small business owners who support the economy through their spending efforts,” says Gary.

President Obama’s accomplishments for African American business owners by Signing the Small Business Jobs Act include, among other things, giving small business owners tax breaks, access to credit to move their business to the next level and helped African Americans to get billions in contracts and financing. BSC is encouraged by the President’s accomplishments and as a result, has opened up the opportunity to small business owners to take advantage of its media distribution platform. BSC believes empowering the community will allow them to buy and sell from each other with the end result of job creation all in line with the President’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

BSC has scheduled various red carpet African Americans for Obama Entrepreneurs/Business Owners Events across the nation, one of which will be on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 6pm at the Grady Cole Center, 301 N. Kings Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina. BSC is proud that it will hold this event in the hometown of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. One lucky attendee at this event will win the opportunity for their product/service to be promoted/branded/marketed on BSC nationwide television network. The public can RSVP to this exciting event by going to: