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December 01, 2012
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Sydnee Mitchell
Florida A&M University

(BPRW) The Proactive vs. Reactive Graduate

(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) "" College graduation is a celebratory time to spend with family and friends while being rewarded for a huge achievement. Typically, graduates can expect to receive presents, have lots of laughs, attend parties and get a ton of congratulations. Along with this list, they must accept the reality of stepping into the real world.

All students have different talents, abilities, and credentials. Obtaining internships, maintaining good grades and extracurricular activities are a few things that stand out to potential employers. Many college students were taught that if you obtain an education, you'll be ahead of the game. The Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) found that those with a college degree earn significantly more than those without. Degree holders make 38 percent more than those with only a high school diploma. More data can be found at nces.ed.gov.

Graduating in a bad economy has proven to have long-lasting economic consequences. For the next 10 to 15 years, the class of 2012 will likely earn less than they would have if they had graduated when job opportunities were plentiful. CBS reported Barack Obama saying, "While opportunities for women have grown exponentially over the last 30 years, as young people in many ways you have it even tougher than we did. This recession has been more brutal, the job losses steeper."

Graduating senior Chakiara Tucker of Florida A&M University says, "Although the job market is not as stable as it once was, I do not believe students that are proactive in their search for jobs during their senior year will face as much difficulty once they graduate." Graduating and then applying for jobs after can basically set a person up for disappointment. "I have devoted my entire senior year to searching for jobs in different markets across the country. I have an interview in Dallas following graduation," Tucker continued. Don't be a statistic.