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December 14, 2012
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Sydnee Mitchell
Florida A&M University

(BPRW) Wrap Up or Tap Out

(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) "" College years of excitement can sometimes end with a burn. Those two to four years of students' lives are often auditions to find life mates, but not everyone is practicing love tactics safely. One in four college students will contract an STD while at a university. As a nation, students need to make a positive move towards safe sex.

Dr. Sarah Forhan did a survey on 838 teenage girls in 2004. The study tested for four common STDs. The results were that 18 percent had HPV, 4 percent had Chlamydia, 2.5 percent had Trichomoniasis and 2 percent had the herpes simplex virus.

Fatima Morrison volunteers for Florida A&M University's health service department. She claimed, "Working for my university has really changed my outlook on young people. How can millennials be so stupid as to not wrap it up?" According to nursingschools.net, only 54 percent of students regularly use condoms during vaginal intercourse, 29 percent during anal intercourse and only 4 percent during oral sex. "You may think everything is OK because you can't see any symptoms, but you still need to take the necessary precautions," she continued.

Tips for safe sex awareness include giving out free condoms (both male and female) and having educationally fun forums. These forums can play games with students that demonstrate how easily STDs are spread. They need to see pictures of symptoms and be informed as to which STDs are curable and/or lifelong. Lastly, make sure everyone knows how to use a condom properly and discuss birth control options. A petition for safe sex could be started in the effort to get college students on the road to a brighter future.