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December 18, 2012
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Ashley S. Hall
Florida A&M University


(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) "" The relationships that are built while working for a company or organization are vital to the success in forthcoming endeavors. Employees should do whatever they can to leave their jobs on a good note, no matter how bad the situation may be. The United States Bureau of Labor statistics keeps track of how many unemployed persons quit or leave their jobs willingly.

According to Money-zine.com, approximately 800,000 adults age 16 and older are unemployed because they quit their jobs.

People leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, including a lack of advancement opportunities, wanting more money, or simply because they are unhappy. The excitement of leaving a current job to a better one is overwhelming.

But before one leaves an existing job, it is imperative to remain professional in the quitting process. There are different ways to gracefully quit a job without burning bridges with the company.

Delores A. Dean, Ph.D., director at the FAMU Career Center, said the best way to leave a job is to "leave the way you walked in."

"The employee should first speak with their employer or boss before they speak to anyone else at the company about leaving," Dean said.

According to Dean, your boss shouldn't find out that you're quitting from someone else. It is more professional to speak with your employer first.

The employee should also type a letter of resignation, or a two-week notice. This letter should give the company praises and expound on what the employee has learned throughout the time he or she has worked there. In addition, the letter should also give thanks for being given the opportunity to have worked at the establishment.

"The employee may, or may not, include an explanation as to why they'd like to resign but only if the person feels it's necessary. The letter of resignation should also be given to the employer two weeks before the employee's departure," said Dean.

Yoly Zephir, a criminal justice student, shared her experience as a student employee.

"I worked at AMC Theaters in high school and when I got the opportunity to go to college, I resigned. I explained it to my supervisors and wrote a letter of resignation. Once the two-week date approached, I voiced the matter once more to remind my supervisors."

Zephir said she knows that she resigned successfully because she still keeps in touch with her supervisor and she is able to be rehired.

According to Dean, you should "make sure you continue doing your job. Keep coming on time and continue giving the same courtesy."

It is considered to be inconsiderate to just not show up to work. When this is done, it sometimes makes it difficult for the company's management to find a replacement in such a short amount of time.

FAMU student Reginald Carswell talked about the mistake he made in the past with quitting his job. Although Carswell understands that he didn't go about quitting his job the right way, he said that he had to remember that his main focus was his academics.

"Students get so caught up in making money that we forget why we're really here. My advice is to make sure your job doesn't get in the way of your school work," Carswell said.