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December 20, 2012
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Sharon Johnson
Florida A&M University


(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) "" During the semesters before and after graduation, college seniors are overcome with a tremendous amount of stress. Most students are scared beyond measure. They are being politely escorted out of the safe arms of their university into the unpleasant face of the real world.

These upcoming graduates may suffer from anxiety and loss of sleep, which are common for students on the road to graduation. As a result, the focus is shifted from the joyous anticipation of graduating, to worrisome thoughts of life in the "real world."

Kenneth Morris, a studio art student at Florida State University, says that upon graduation he is most stressed about the repayment of student loans and finding a job.

"After graduation, you only have a few short months before you have to start payments on your loans," said Morris, "and it's scary because all I can think about now is the 50 thousand dollars I am in debt, with no promises of finding a job in the market."

According to a survey of 17,000 college students conducted by the National College Health Assessment, twenty-five percent of the students reported they have "felt so depressed it was difficult to function."

Japricia Thicklin, a psychology student at Florida A&M University, shares that attending graduate school is a very blurry topic with her. "Though graduation is a positive thing, I am constantly stressed about finding a job to pay back my student loans," said Thicklin. "I have a recurring mental debate with myself whether to go to graduate school, obtain more education and get in more debt, or just tough it out in the "˜real world' and try to land a job in my field that will pay well."

Psychologist Andy Hogg says that graduating is a major life transition that comes with a great deal of stress. "Probably the most important thing to do is normalize it," Hogg said. "Feeling stressed during any life transition is completely normal."