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May 20, 2013
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(BPRW) Lyme Disease Survivor Details Battle in Memoir, Advocates for Greater Awareness

(BLACK PR WIRE) – Atlanta, GA – Lyme Survivor Awareness Network (LSAN) Founder Rosa L. NeSmith highlights the difficulty of being diagnosed with Lyme disease in her book, A Race Against Time: Living With Lyme (A Near Death Experience From a Tick). Her ordeal began unremarkably with a bite from an infected tick while working in her garden. Soon she began experiencing severe medical problems, and doctors could not provide her with any satisfactory answers. Ms. NeSmith confronted her own mortality due to her ignorance of Lyme disease. Sadly, over a four-year period, 15 doctors were also clueless in diagnosing the prolonged clinical symptoms.

Lyme disease is a serious bacterial infection transmitted by infected ticks. The tick is barely visible to the naked eye and destroys the body’s internal organs when left untreated. There is a gap in the national Lyme disease debate between the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). The IDSA believes Lyme is treated and cured within three weeks (non-chronic). The ILADS state Lyme disease does exist beyond three weeks (chronic) and they have collaborating research and countless sick patients to support their position. Where are the mainstream doctors that are skilled in diagnosing Lyme disease?

LSAN demands federal intervention and oversight of medical legislation in order to close the gap. The mission of LSAN is to donate to Lyme disease research and to promote increased national awareness to patient-consumers by highlighting the difficulty in getting diagnosed. The network inspires the nation to: Take the time…Tell three people about Lyme!

LSAN is a national nonprofit organization which values a community where there is no human suffering from Lyme disease. Ms. NeSmith, the Founder, lost her Allstate Insurance Agency to the difficulty in getting diagnosed with Lyme disease. In effort to help LSAN increase national awareness of Lyme disease, Ms. NeSmith has exposed her private life in a recently published memoir that readers are raving about, entitled: A Race Against Time: Living With Lyme (A Near Death Experience From a Tick). To learn more, please visit