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September 26, 2013
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Vanessa Loy
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(BPRW) Why Choose to Cruise?

(BLACK PR WIRE) "" Tom Joyner and his listeners have discovered it. So has T.D. Jakes Ministries. African American travelers have joined the ranks of those who cruise the high seas for their vacations. Cruises are not just a luxury of the rich and famous either; some cruise lines run as low as $500.00 per person for a week's trip. That includes the equivalent of a hotel stay, meals and travel to all destinations.

There are many benefits to taking a cruise over a conventional vacation. One is the chance to see multiple locations, cities and even countries in one trip. In addition, most of your needs are already taken care of on a cruise. There's no need to figure out transportation from your hotel to a destination, no wondering about where you should get dinner, no constant packing and unpacking, and no lugging around luggage. If you feel nervous traveling to a foreign country for the first time, know that you will be surrounded by hundreds of other people who are truly in the same boat as you, whom you will meet as strangers but may leave as friends.

Even in those moments of boredom, bad weather or uncertainty about your next excursion, cruises offer a wide array of on-board activities far beyond what many hotels would offer. Depending on the particular ship, you may have the option of live performance shows, nightclubs, shopping, skating, water rides, rock climbing, fitness centers, arcades, movies, sports and spa treatments, for starters. Then there are the dining options. Most cruise dining is prepaid in the total vacation price, so you can go ahead and try that unusual food. If you don't like it, it's no extra expense to order something different.

Now before you get started, there are some questions to consider. You will have to decide whether to use a travel agent or make the plans yourself. While using an agent is an additional expense, you may find the expertise valuable if you are cruising for the first time. Thinking of bringing the children? An agent may be better able to advise you on which cruise lines offer family-friendly activities. They can also suggest cruise lines that offer adults-only, singles' and seniors' trips. You will also have to consider your budget, the time of year you want to travel, your destination, the size of your traveling party, and what sort of activities you enjoy. A cruise's activities are important to consider, since you may spend one or more days sailing non-stop.

If cruising sounds right for you, do plenty of research, get brochures, and speak to professionals and past cruisers. The more you know, the better decision you can make when you choose to cruise.