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June 06, 2014
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Vanessa Loy
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(BPRW) London's Bridge to Black History

(BLACK PR WIRE) "" Are the summers getting too hot for you? Looking for an international taste? Consider fitting London into your travel plans. You probably associate England with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Harrods department store, but there is much more to see. London is the capital of England as well as a major global city, where people representing hundreds of languages and nationalities intersect daily. One of them is the significant black community descending from Caribbean and African immigrants settling in London.

A large wave of Jamaican immigrants recruited for labor arrived in 1948 from the Empire Windrush ship. The passengers arrived in Tilbury, near London, and most settled permanently in England. Over 60 years later, London is as cosmopolitan as New York City and with as much attractions for the black tourist. The Archives and Museum of Black Heritage in Brixton is a celebration of history, culture and artifacts of black Britons.

The Brixton Market, also in the city of Brixton, is an outdoor market famous for its variety of African and Caribbean produce. This is the place to go for buying yams, breadfruit, flying fish and other West Indian treats. While you're there, you may notice a street called "Electric Avenue." In case that name sounds familiar, that very street is the basis for the hit song "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant.

After dark, London provides many opportunities for shopping, dining and entertainment. Your range of dining options includes exotic cuisines as well as familiar names from home, like Planet Hollywood and Starbucks. Visiting London is a worldwide trip fit into one city!