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November 27, 2015
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Simone Cook
Sonshine Communications

(BPRW) FDOT's "Drive It Home" booth a huge hit at Homestead Miami Speedway during Ford Championship Weekend

(Black PR Wire) Receiving well over 5,000 visitors, FDOT’s “Drive It Home” campaign booth was a huge hit during this year’s Ford Championship Weekend at Homestead Miami Speedway. All throughout the three-day event, which took place from November 20-22, NASCAR fans stopped by the Florida Department of Transportation’s booth to spin the Decomp-O-Wheel and learned first-hand about the statewide “Drive It Home” campaign. Visitors received educational information about the litter prevention campaign and were encouraged to keep Florida’s roadsides litter-free.

“The Drive It Home booth received an astounding response from the event’s attendees,” said Bernadette Morris, president/CEO of Sonshine Communications, the agency of record for the FDOT Roadside Litter Prevention Education Media Campaign. “We’re so happy we were able to spread the campaign message to so many wonderful individuals.”

The state’s official Roadside Litter Prevention Education (RLPE) Media Campaign aims to reduce the incidence of littering on Florida highways, promote pride in the beauty of Florida’s landscapes and educate Florida motorists about the dangers and hazards of roadside litter. Built around the theme, “DRIVE IT HOME . . . KEEP OUR PARADISE LITTER-FREE®,” the campaign enlists professional and amateur athletes from a variety of sports, who appear in various media outlets including radio, television, outdoor and newsprint.

The campaign seeks to educate Floridians and visitors on litter issues and change their behavior by leveraging the influence of athletes portrayed in a high-visibility multi-media campaign with television, radio and outdoor advertising components, as well as community events. The primary audience focus for the campaign will include driving motorists between the ages of 15 – 35.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is an executive agency, which reports directly to the Governor. FDOT’s primary statutory responsibility is to coordinate the planning and development of a safe, viable and balanced state transportation system serving all regions of the state, and to assure the compatibility of all components, including multimodal facilities. The multimodal transportation system includes roadway, air, rail, sea, spaceports, bus transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. FDOT has the multi-year Roadside Litter Prevention Education (RLPE) Media Campaign in an effort to support the beauty of Florida and maintain a place that residents can be proud of every day, every year.

For details and more information on the “Drive it Home … Keep Our Paradise Litter-Free®” campaign, contact Bernadette Morris of Sonshine Communications at (305) 948-8063, ext. 201 or visit