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October 10, 2021
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by Danielle Mitchell

(BPRW) 6 Quick Tips To Build Up Confidence

(Black PR Wire) Finding the confidence you need to go after the things you want in life is hard. Sometimes, we can be our own worst critics. We are harsher than anyone else and talk ourselves out of everything before we even begin. I was once in those shoes, here is how I broke that mold.

How to build confidence

1. You don’t know what you don’t know.

This saying I keep because whenever I get frustrated about doing something the long way, the hard way, or missing deadlines I give myself. I kindly sit back and remind myself, that I don’t know what I don’t know.

Now I try my hardest not to make the same mistake twice but certain things are bound to have a hiccup because I am unaware of the things I know now.

2. Positive Affirmations

We hear that positive affirmations are important all the time, that is because it works.

From vision boards to sticky notes, to having parents that breathe and speak life over you, it all makes a world of a difference.

As you turn from adolescent to adult, you are in charge of ensuring that you have positive reinforcement in your everyday life. I personally have a vision board and a notebook with positive affirmations. This ensures that DAILY, I am getting a new dose!

3. Positive People & Using Them

We always hear about having the right circle and having people in your corner.

While that is true, we also hear right after that to “check on your strong friends.” I am here to mention one huge miss which is USE your positive friends. If you are going through something, communicate it. These are your friends and they will help, but 

people can only help if you let them know.

I am in Ghana right now at a conference; I noticed the organizer try to do everything himself. He finally realized he couldn’t and allowed his friends to help. How much would his stress have been reduced if he had called on people sooner?

4. Data

When you are in the middle of achieving something, it is harder to see how far you have come because all you are focusing on is how far you have to go. I believe it is important to keep track of how many speaking engagements, promotions, followers, subscribers, views, clients, etc. that you have.

If you are constantly hitting your goals, doing things few or no one in your life has ever done before or constantly killing it in life, you need to be aware so you can do a number of the next tasks.

5. Reward Yourself

It is important to reward yourself. Now when I say reward yourself it can be a lipstick, nail polish, a tool for your business, or a big-ticket item. Every time you reward yourself should not break the bank.

However, when you are hitting milestones, you must be able to stop and smell the roses. Rewarding yourself not only is a major pick me up, but you are able to enjoy yourself, your hard work and in return, it will build your confidence.

6. Look Good

One of the most common symptoms I hear when people talk about depression is they are unable to get out the bed. Getting out of bed and putting yourself together just does something to the soul. The old saying goes, when you look good you feel good. For me, when I look good, I feel confident. Confident that people will respect me, I will close the deal and my cocky has been turned up a notch.

What are some of your confidence boosters?

About the Writer

Danielle Mitchell is an International Marketing Strategist and founder of Average Black Girl. At Average Black Girl, the mission is to create more black millionaires through marketing, web design, product management and securing partnerships. Connected with Average Black Girl is her partner brand called Melanin Business. Melanin Business is a free global business directory that is free to sign up, add a business and leave a review