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September 18, 2023
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Donald Hallback

(BPRW) A Vision for a Better World

Uniting Descendants of Africa in a Historic Online Event

(Black PR Wire) Tampa, FL - In celebration of Black History Month in the United States, on Monday, February 19, 2024, Donald Hallback, the visionary founder of African-United, extends a heartfelt invitation to the global community of people of African descent. Join us for a truly historic online gathering, the Descendants of Africa Family Reunion, hosted on

The Vision of Unity

This momentous event holds the key to a shared vision, one that harks back to an advanced enslaved African civilization in the United States. It offers a message of immense importance, a blueprint for harnessing our combined natural and human resources, valued at over 100 trillion dollars, to reshape an outdated world financial system, a relic of the past marred by slavery and colonialism. Together, with global support, we aim to break free and usher in an era of self-sufficiency.

The Need for Change

Hallback emphasizes the need for this vision. Despite recent landmark events, including the African Climate Summit, Invest Fest, the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, the 60th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s March on Washington, and more, the world remains divided, and inequality persists. Our upcoming events and summits, though impressive, lack a unified purpose.

A Call to Unite

The Descendants of Africa Family Reunion on will be the conduit to unite our collective wealth, naturally addressing the flaws of a bygone financial system. We will no longer rely on external assistance. Our goal is to raise the necessary trillions to develop our own resources and advance the entire world, combating poverty, war, corruption, and environmental decline.

Pledges vs. Action

Hallback underlines that trillions are being extracted from our communities and nations with minimal reinvestment. We remain among the world's poorest, largely because we have not embraced the vision our ancestors left behind - the power to restructure the world financial systems, leveraging our abundant resources.

A Vision for Equality

While others may offer pledges and promises, our action speaks louder. The online Descendants of Africa Family Reunion is a call for us to unite on the world stage. It is a declaration that we are prepared to restructure the financial system and raise trillions to develop our own natural and human resources, signaling a true turning point in history. Our combined influence in the G-20 Nations, United Nations, IMF, and other international institutions will demand respect. It is our chance to create a sustainable world where all nations, regardless of history, trade fairly and equitably.

Honoring Our Roots

Hallback reflects on his roots in Beallsville, Florida, founded by freed slaves. His ancestors restructured the local financial system without external assistance, fostering cooperation and equality. This reunion is a tribute to his father’s dream of sharing this method worldwide.

Embracing Our Potential

Lastly, Hallback urges leaders of African descent to recognize our potential. Our events and summits worldwide have already harnessed our resources, global influence, institutions, and expertise without dependency on others or violence. The time has come to connect these endeavors, reshaping the world financial system and making history.

Join the Movement

Announce to the world that you will be part of the online Descendants of Africa Family Reunion on, on Monday, February 19, 2024. Together, we will unite our events and summits, representing over 100 trillion dollars in value, into a single mission to reshape the world's financial landscape. Let the vision of the enslaved African civilization in the United States inspire us all to live together as global brothers and sisters, ensuring no one perishes.