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May 23, 2018
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(BPRW) Being a Role Model

Different Ways to Be an Inspiration By: Joseph Ellick of Black PR Wire

(Black PR Wire) Growing up we all had someone that we looked up to, a figure that sparked an idea, an inspiration in your life. Rather it’s your parents, your friends, or just someone that has many accomplishments; there are people in your life that has had an impact on you. But ask yourself this question; do you know what it takes for yourself to be an inspiration to others? I wanted to be a part of Black PR Wire because of a greater vision to create an avenue for my peers to be creative and to get exposure for their work, it turned out that I inspired even my closes friends to chase their dreams and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Being an inspiration to others gives you an inner satisfaction. We can learn powerful lessons from those who inspire us that we can use to inspire the people in our lives. I get my blueprint from my father because he inspired me to be the man I am today. Here are some characteristics to be a good inspiration for others.


Be Enthusiastic – There is nothing like seeing a person whose enthusiastic daily no matter the situation. Whether it’s about their job, their life, their family, and who convey their enthusiasm and good energy around them.


Believing in others and their possibilities - To be an inspiration to others you have to be a person who is capable of pointing out different possibilities that people have not considered, giving them a clear sight of something others thought was unattainable. Believe in others dreams as if you had the same. Make your peers feel worth, accepted, and approved which will build their confidence to go over and beyond their limits. Always see the best in people and in return they will see the best in you.


Being Confident In Yourself – It’s hard to look up to a person who lacks confidence in themselves at times. To be a role model every day you should joyfully strive to accomplish the goals that you already have set forth and are working non-stop until there reached. Continuously have hope and determination to do what you have to do for your life. Think about your idols and how confident they are. You want to be like them, get where they have gotten, and follow their footsteps. You could be the same inspiration to others.


 Be Grateful – It is very important to be grateful for everything you have and have went through in life. It is so easy to focus on the wrong things instead of what’s going right. Gratitude is a big formula for establishing humbleness, which will be perceived well in the eyes of others. Now when others are going through struggle or heartache you will be the figure that they can use to shed light in their situation.


In my life thus far I have been fortunate enough to have numerous role models who inspire me till this day to improve myself and be the best I can be. From my father to my boss and even my younger siblings I see every day how to be a role model. With that I learned it is my responsibility to do what inspires me, in order to inspire others to do what inspires them. Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire people to do.