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February 02, 2021
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(BPRW) The Matthew Saad Muhammad Documentary

(Black PR Wire) The professional life of the late ex-light heavy weight champion, Matthew Saad Muhammad, has been touched on and made into a star-studded 90-minute cinema documentary.

The documentary involves over 60 people and it explains that Saad was an abandoned child who was found wandering on a parkway. He was placed in a foster home by the Philadelphia Catholic Charities. He couldn't say his name so the name, Matthew, from the Bible, was given to him. The surname, Franklin was given to him because he was found on the Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. Saad became a troublesome teenager who was institutionalized and corrected. He later emerged and became a world boxing champion in his early twenties. 

Soon after his emergence to fame and fortune, he became a Muslim and changed his name to Matthew Saad Muhammad.  At the height of his career, Saad posted and paid a reward to a woman who came forward with the knowledge of his birth name, Maxwell Antonio Loach, and where his natural family was located. The reunite of Saad with his natural family was televised on a talk show in Philadelphia. Saad started his career as a top boxer. But, after losing a fight that he thought he won, he abandoned his boxing skills for a style of fighting that entailed using offense as a defense. Saad became a prominent television fighter and his fights were dramatic. Two of his fights were declared the fight of the year.  Saad's new fighting style was exciting but, even though he would win and, just to please the judges and the crowd, he subjected his body to a lot of avoidable abuse. His new offense fighting style led him to an eventual loss when he engaged in a bout with a fighter who fought with a style that demanded the boxing skills he had abandoned.

The greatness of Matthew Saad Muhammad was not forgotten and he was inducted into five Boxing Halls of Fame before his death on May 26, 2014, one day before his 60th birthday.  

This Matthew Saad Muhammad documentary contains star studded testimonies from prominent people in the boxing world. In addition to dramatic narrated fight footage, it also contains verbally documented facts about occurrences in the childhood, teenage and young adult life of this ex light heavyweight boxing champion. Production footage was shot on locations in the following places: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlantic City, New Jersey; London, England; Los Angeles, California; Canastota, New York; Ohio and Atlanta Georgia. This 90-minute cinema documentary contains very strong content and it is currently for sale. It is also available for distribution and or lease. A three-minute trailer of this documentary can be seen on YouTube at: Matthew Saad Muhammad Documovie trailer. Copyright Owners, M.J. Productions.

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