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July 31, 2017
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(BPRW) Global Meeting of the Women's Forum for the Economy & Society: Daring to lead in a disrupted world

Takes place October 5 - 6 in Paris, France

(Black PR Wire) PARIS, FRANCE -- Different and often opposing forces are at play in a disrupted world. Automation technology is putting jobs at risk, yet many companies are developing new ways to put humanity at the center of their organizations. The US Federal Government seems to be moving away from collaboration on climate, yet other leaders from all quarters are stepping up. Amid an unprecedented level of uncertainty, the only thing that's certain is that we must act - and a gendered perspective can provide new strategies, fresh perspective and concrete solutions.

When it comes to climate action, companies, mayors, governors, NGOs and even architects - have come out to strongly declare their continued support for the Paris Agreement. It has galvanized a global effort, and these leaders have shown just how they would continue to fulfil their commitments. Even as international co-operation faces continued pressure - leaders at the non-national level are finding strategies to co-ordinate and co-operate on what is arguably humanity's most urgent challenge.

In addition to being more directly and severely affected by the results of climate change globally, women have been the architects of global climate co-operation and are exercising different forms of leadership on climate action. It is in that spirit that we introduced our Climate Manifesto at our recent meeting in Rome, calling on leaders to reaffirm their commitment to the Paris Agreement. We are attracting signatories from around the world, and our Global Meeting in Paris will be an opportunity to turn that commitment into concrete action.

There will be speakers from a variety of backgrounds to address a range of global issues. Included in the listing is Magatte Wade, a passionate entrepreneur and founder & CEO of Tiossan, once named one of the "20 Youngest Power Women in Africa" by Forbes, will discuss what is needed to cultivate the next generation of daring leaders.

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