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November 06, 2022
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(BPRW) Lyft Announces 50% off Rideshare, Bikeshare and Scooter Rides to the Polls on Election Day

(Black PR Wire) We believe that everyone’s voice – and vote – deserves to be heard, and transportation should never be a barrier. That’s why this Election Day, Lyft is helping more people roll to the polls with access to discounted rideshare, bikeshare, and scooter rides. 

Riders can preload the code VOTE22 before Election Day for a 50% discount that gets applied to their ride to the polls on November 8. Codes will be available to be used during voting hours in every time zone, for a discount of up to $10. Riders can preload or activate the code directly in the Lyft app or in the apps of our participating local bikeshare systems.
Lyft’s Voting Access program was created to address real transportation barriers: 
  • In 2016, an estimated 15 million people registered to vote but didn’t do so because of transportation issues. 

  • study from 2020 found that individuals without access to a car vote at significantly lower rates than those who have one. 

  • These barriers are faced by individuals across the demographic spectrum – an estimated 11.2 million older Americans have travel-limiting disabilities that make it difficult to leave home. And 29% of young people surveyed said they didn’t vote because they didn’t have a ride.

  • These numbers are even more severe for young people of color, who are 30% more likely to cite transportation as a barrier to voting than young white people. 

Here’s what else we’re doing: 

Partnerships: Throughout the primary elections, early voting, and the general election, we’re working with national nonprofit organizations to provide access to free or heavily discounted rides for communities that traditionally face barriers in getting to the polls. Partners like the League of Women Voters, Warrior Scholar Project, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), NAACP, and more can now distribute ride codes directly to people in their networks in need of transportation. 
Coalitions: We’re participating in a number of coalitions to get the word out about Lyft’s discount code while also supporting organizations that are increasing voter registration and turnout. This includes working with When We All Vote to provide transportation grants at select Historically Black Universities and Colleges (HBCUs), providing access to rides for Vote Early Day’s voting activations across the country, and supporting Power to the Polls’ efforts to recruit a new wave of poll workers.  
Influencers: We’re amplifying the campaign by partnering with a variety of influencers to get the word out about Lyft’s Voting Access program to additional demographics. . We’re working with a mix of content creators to encourage riders to make a voting plan ahead of time and turn out on November 8. 
Encouraging riders, drivers, and team members to vote: We’re communicating directly with our rider and driver community about how and why to vote in this year’s election. This includes providing voter registration information and reminders to both riders and drivers ahead of November 8. Additionally, our corporate policies allow all Lyft team members to take time off to vote.  
Lyft’s Voting Access Program is part of Lyft Up, our comprehensive effort to expand transportation access to those who need it most. Through Lyft Up, we provide access to free and discounted rides to help communities across North America get to job interviews, access healthy food, connect with critical resources in the aftermath of disasters, and more.