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October 08, 2023
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(BPRW) Netflix and the Handy Foundation Partner to Create More Opportunities for Representation Among Assistant Editors and Production Coordinators in the Entertainment Industry

(Black PR Wire) Recently, Netflix and the Handy Foundation unveiled a collaboration aimed at creating below-the-line opportunities in film and entertainment for underrepresented communities. These career-building programs, which focus on supporting post production and production roles, intend to help grow the talent pool at the junior technical and creative level and are the latest initiatives to be launched out of the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity - a $100 million commitment to help build new pathways for underrepresented communities within the entertainment industry. 

  • The Apprentice & Assistant Editors programs provide a springboard toward future Assistant Editor positions, offering invaluable insights into the role's intricacies and the necessary skill set. The program also equips participants with the experience critical for post-production.

  • The Production Coordinator program sets the stage for a career in production management, emphasizing industry operations and the coordinator’s pivotal role within a production team.

The Handy Foundation and Netflix joined forces to pilot these programs in 2022, helping train and identify talent for potential job opportunities on Netflix projects. To date, 17 Handy Foundation trainees have successfully found roles on Netflix projects, including Selling the OC, The Circle, and Perfect Match

This collaboration is one of several initiatives launched by the Handy Foundation to promote equity and inclusion in the film and television industry. By partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals, the Foundation seeks to empower workers from underrepresented groups and promote positive social change.  

Tiffany Burrell-Lewis, Director of Talent Development at Netflix, underlined the company’s commitment to these efforts: “We created the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity to build new pathways for underrepresented communities and support the organizations committed to creating a more equitable environment within entertainment. Our partnership with The Handy Foundation is a testament to this work, with 17 trainees successfully finding roles on popular Netflix shows to date. We're excited about the progress made so far and look forward to expanding on this work together.”

Ri-Karlo Handy, Founder & CEO of the Handy Foundation, emphasized the significance of this joint effort: “Our partnership with Netflix marks a full-circle moment for the Handy Foundation, as our first Assistant Editor trainee secured a role on a Netflix production back in 2021. With Netflix’s support, we are making strides to help provide access to successful careers for people of color and others who have historically been underrepresented in these roles in the content production industry. We look forward to incorporating more tradecraft positions as we continue to expand these programs with Netflix.”

Ciara Ray, Assistant Production Coordinator Fellow shared her experience and the opportunities these programs present: “I love working on Netflix’s Selling the OC and collaborating with a diverse team that produces successful and unique television programming. I’m fortunate to have widened my skills through the Handy Foundation and gained insight and experience in unscripted TV. I’m also thankful to be surrounded by seasoned professionals who are talented, driven, and supportive. It’s truly an honor to be part of this special and evolving partnership that cultivates unity, community growth and success in the visual arts workforce.” 

These testimonials underscore the significant impact these programs have in shaping the career paths of individuals from underrepresented communities. More information on these programs and applications are available at

Source: Netflix