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September 12, 2023
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Neil Foote, Foote Communications

(BPRW) New Student Magazine Showcases Curriculum for Racial Justice and Responsive Philanthropy

(Black PR Wire) NEW YORK – Students from various middle and high schools have come together to publish a groundbreaking magazine focusing on critical topics of racial justice, including education, healthcare, housing, voting, and the environment.

This publication, which includes thoughtfully crafted essays and poems, is a direct outcome of their participation in The New 3Rs online Black History, racial justice, and responsive philanthropy curriculum. Download the publication at

“The New 3Rs pedagogical framework does what others have not,” said M. Starita Boyce Ansari, Ph.D.  EduTech Innovator/Founder, The New 3Rs, Inc.  “Your Story is Our Story magazine is a publication of the compassionate voices of GenZ. We listen to the souls of all children. Working with a psychologist, Dr. Howard Leifman, we have meticulously curated a safe space for our children to candidly discuss and listen to the heart-wrenching impact of systemic racism and commit to making a positive change in the lives of Black people.”    

The New 3Rs uses stories of social justice to dismantle racism in a revolutionary way. It unlocks civic and compassionate leadership at school, at home, and in the workplace. The curriculum offers programs and resources specifically designed to educate and empower children, parents, educators, and workplace leaders to take meaningful action through a lens of racial justice and racial awareness. 

The anthology reflects the thoughts of these future philanthropic leaders. Jasper Anthony, one of The New 3Rs students, has learned so much from the program’s classes. “Our class is so diverse, families from all around the country. It’s a safe space to talk about social justice and understand racism. My classmates and I didn’t know it’s everywhere.  Racism is in education, health care, farming, housing – everything.  Now that we know we can teach others and make America a better place.” 

Boyce says there is no better way to witness the transformative impact of this curriculum than through the voices of our middle and high school students. The newly released magazine features student articles that address a range of critical issues—racism and discrimination in education, health, housing, and voting. Through their narratives, analysis, and calls to action, the young writers offer fresh perspectives and inspiring insights that could only come from their lived experiences and the awareness of Black History offered by TheNew3Rs. 

Boyce invites readers to explore the students’ moving work and consider contributing to the cause that made this possible. “I am continuously impressed and moved by their work,” Boyce said. “Please consider donating to further support The New 3Rs curriculum and its reach. We want to work with students from around the country – and the world for that matter.” 

Boyce also urges anyone interested in social and racial justice to help amplify the impact of this student-led initiative by emailing and posting links to this magazine on social media. “Here’s what I know,” Boyce said. “Your engagement can make a significant difference in fostering an environment of understanding, empathy, and action.” 

For more information about The New 3Rs, the student-published magazine, or how you can contribute, please visit Media interested in interviews, contact Neil Foote, Foote Communications,, 214.448.3765.