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December 31, 2016
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(BPRW) New Year 2017 - Fresh Start!

(Black PR Wire) A New Year means a fresh start and it’s the perfect springboard for setting new intentions. Historically, New Years has been the opportune time to create change and set positive goals. But, old habits die hard, which can make it a challenge to men, women, and even kids to stay committed to their New Years resolutions. But a new year marks a new phase, and the following are some ways you can ensure this year’s pledge's, proposals, and plans don’t remain pending.

Be Specific. A resolution that’s too vague or general may ultimately prove ineffective. For example, if one of your resolutions is to lose weight, you probably hope to lose a significant amount over the new year, as opposed to one or two pounds. If you set specific and periodic goals, such as lose two or three pounds by the end of January, then you’re building a measuring stick to which you can gauge your progress along the way. As you meet this measuring stick each month, it will motivate you to continue on course and realize your resolution by year’s end.

Don’t Go to Extremes. If you habitually find resolutions hard to live up to, then stick to a single resolution this year. This allows you to focus your undivided attention and efforts more effectively and makes certain you won’t be overburdened, which could negatively impact your progress and ultimately your success.

Automated Help. For many, saving money is a popular New Year’s resolution, and employing the use of technology can help you accomplish your financial goals. If your goal is to save ‘X’ amount of dollars this coming year, then sit down and calculate how much you need to save each pay period to make it a reality. You can then have that figure automatically deposited into an interest-bearing savings account each time you’re paid.

Enlist Friends. If you and your friends have a common goal, join forces. If you’re looking to get more walks in, enlist friends and family members to walk with you at specific times. The buddy system is a great motivation tool, and calling on the help of your family and friends provides the added benefit of seeing loved ones more often in the year ahead.

Don’t Get Frazzled with Setbacks. A wrong turn at Albuquerque can sometimes derail our progress. Resolutions all too often fall by the curbside when we experience setbacks directly related to our resolutions. If you resolved to save money but had a bad month, don’t allow this tough month to thwart you from your goal. Setbacks are nearly inevitable, but they’re never an excuse to give up on a resolution.

Following these few ideas will help your New Year become a promising fresh start. They’ll also make your resolutions come true.


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