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October 04, 2023
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(BPRW) October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

(Black PR Wire) October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The second most common cause of cancer-related mortality in the United States is breast cancer, a condition in which the cells in the breast grow out of control. Regardless of race or gender, breast cancer affects individuals everywhere. However, Black women continue to have the highest mortality rate.

The 43% decrease in breast cancer fatalities has been attributed to increased awareness, early detection, and efficient treatment but, data compiled by the American Cancer Society shows Black women have a 40% higher death rate which highlights the need to close the mortality gap between Black women and white women. Black women tend to be diagnosed at a later stage, due to a lack of health insurance or access to health care facilities. This affects early screening and treatments such as radiation, surgery and hormone therapy.

During the month of October, people can participate in a wide range of events to raise awareness for breast cancer and receive early screenings. Also, there are many organizations that offer support, resources and help to make it easier for Black women to receive diagnosis and treatment such as:

As we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s continue to show our support for breast cancer warriors and survivors.