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February 14, 2024
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Terysa Ridgeway

(BPRW) Terysa Solves It Presents: Alilo The Explorer Restocked to Inspire a New Generation of Young Coders

Computer Scientist and Children's Book Author on a mission to encourage children to code.

(Black PR Wire) Lafayette, LA - Terysa Ridgeway, a renowned computer scientist and children's book author, is excited to announce the restocking of Alilo The Explorer, the highly sought-after educational toy robot designed to teach children foundational problem-solving and critical thinking skills through basic algorithmic programming.

After the successful children’s book release of Think Like A Computer in 2021, which received acclaim for its innovative approach to introducing children to coding concepts, Terysa Solves It presents Alilo The Explorer offers a unique blend of "plugged" and "unplugged" activities for children ages 3 and up. The robot can be programmed using an exclusive Android app, interacted with using included floor puzzle pieces, or controlled with directional buttons on the robot itself, providing a variety of engaging learning experiences.

"Teaching children to code is like giving them a superpower: it unlocks endless possibilities and creativity," said Ridgeway. "With the release of Terysa Solves It presents Alilo The Explorer, I hope to further inspire a new generation of young coders and show them just how exciting and fun the world of programming can be."

The design process for Alilo The Explorer was driven by a direct request from parents and children looking for engaging and educational activities beyond storytime. Terysa partnered with Alilo, a toy brand known for its expertise in the edutainment space, to bring this vision to life.

Terysa Ridgeway is currently an Engineering Program Manager at Google, with a background in developing code for Exoatmospheric Spacecraft. She holds Computer Science and Mathematics degrees from Southern University and A&M College and recently completed  Stanford University's LEAD Executive Education program.

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