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June 15, 2018
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(BPRW) Wesley Snipes and Ray Norman Published an Original Work of Fiction: TALON OF GOD

A Novel about the Battle to Prevent Hell on Earth

(Black PR Wire) NEW YORK  – Announcing the publication of a work of fiction, a supernatural thriller, by international film and television action star Wesley Snipes, along with co-author Ray Norman. Their novel, entitled Talon of God, is a non-stop contemporary fantasy adventure sure to please readers with its suspense and compelling drama.  The novel’s leading role, Lauryn Jefferson, is a beautiful young doctor dragged into an apocalyptic battle between Heaven and Hell – and at her right hand is Talon Hunter, a spirit warrior and legendary man of God.

On the publication of his first novel, Wesley remarked, “My creativity has largely played out in film and television – but I’ve always had a desire to write a book.  Collaborating, crafting, creating this novel, Talon of God, was a new and exciting experience for me…and I can’t wait to see if this story finds life in other forms.”

The author hopes that his audience will be equally enthusiastic.  Commenting on the reception he hopes the book will receive, Wesley stated. “I hope all the people who enjoyed my films will appreciate the story we are trying to tell in Talon of God. Ray Norman and I worked hard to write a book that would be compelling to the wide audience of people who love action and adventure.” 

Ray Norman, also a first-time novelist, added, “It was a really great experience crafting a book that was full of excitement and drama, as well as one that would strike at the emotional core of the reader. A book not only for entertainment, but one that is uplifting as well.”

Harper Voyager Executive Editor David Pomerico, who acquired North American rights for Talon of God, couldn’t be more enthused, saying, "It's one thing to get a project in and be like 'Do you mean the Wesley Snipes?' and be told 'Yes--he's written a novel.' But then to learn that the story he and Ray put together is just so much fun, well, there was no way I couldn't do this project!"


WESLEY SNIPES has proven to be an acclaimed talent and visionary with over 70 films to his acting credit, 18 as a producer, Dr. Snipes has a unique diversity. Through his award-winning acting abilities, entrepreneurial endeavors and masterful proficiency in film fight science and martial arts of various styles, coupled with his charismatic looks, he garnered attention and roles alongside some of the film industry's biggest directors—Martin Scorsese, Tony Scott, Antoine Fuqua, Walter Hill, Jackie Chan, Spike Lee. Esteemed actors like Robert DeNiro, Sean Connery, Denis Hoper, and Sylvester Stallone all took notice of Snipes' diverse talents.

RAY NORMAN received an Engineering Degree from the University of Illinois and a Law Degree from Southern Illinois University. He’s worked as an attorney recruiter and corporate headhunter, as well as ghostwritten books on health, nutrition, and spiritual self-help. In addition, he’s a script writer, the writer of an original stage play, And You Thought Your Family Was Crazy. In his spare time, Norman enjoys reading, working out, watching movies, and travelling. In the near future he plans on getting his private pilot’s license. Talon of God is his first novel.


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