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April 27, 2018
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(BPRW) New Book Unleashes the Black Version of "Sister Wives"

Black Author Urges Women to Welcome Unconventional Love

(Black PR Wire) Evanston, IL  – It has been several years since the popular and yet controversial TV show Sister Wives captured the attention of millions of viewers by showcasing an unconventional lifestyle of one man and many women.

Now, in the tradition of a 21st Century mainstream fairy tale, comes All The Women in the World by new author Alaak Chol, which delivers what some might say is the black version of Sister Wives.

“One woman sharing a man is not new, but in the black community, it is a very big deal” says author Alaak Chol. According to a research study conducted by the University of Arizona, out of 100 black women surveyed, only three percent of women admitted that they would ever consider sharing a man with another woman. That notion alone makes All the Women in the World, though wildly entertaining and insanely funny, a big figment of the imagination.

"Though there are numerous reasons why a woman would choose to share a man, in the black community, no reason is ever good enough," says black psychologist Pamela Davidson.

All the Women in the World is available at

About the Author: Alaak Chol reviews books for Publishers Weekly. She lives in Illinois.

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