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March 13, 2024
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(BPRW) Reversing Hair Loss with Purpose & Passion

Enough is enough, it’s time to regrow your hair!

(Black PR Wire) Angela H. Brown has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years specializing in healthy hair care. All she ever wanted was to take care of her God given clients. Back then clients wore their own hair with style and were proud of their crown! The salons were filled with all types of assorted women of color, from blue collar to white collar, and sometimes children. They all had one thing in common, they all had strong healthy hair!

In 2001 Angela Brown noticed that clients were leaving the salon and letting the creamy crack go! Clients left the salon without knowledge, guidance, or the right products to use for their textures. Angela had to rebuild her business to support herself. She became an author, inventor, public speaker and remained a salon professional while nothing fulfilled her but regrowing hair.

In 2016 she launched her own plant-based hair care line. She also in 2019 developed a program called D’SERV PACC HAIR LOSS SOLUTION. This program allows her online customers to receive consultations and get an understanding of the products that will stop or slow down their hair from shedding and add moisture with protein. D’Serv Healthy Hair Care Products has truly helped salon professionals and the everyday woman and man. D'Serv products caters to Alopecia, natural or chemical hair, protective styles, stress issues and side effects from medications. Angela has thought of it all, in 2019 she added hair tools and maintenance products to cover all angles on hair care.

She experiences laughter, and joy in the hearts of customers who use the D’Serv products as they transform their new hair! Many people have spent hundreds of dollars on products that don’t work. Millions of women and men have lost their hair due to lack of guidance; they are influenced by trendy popular brands and beautiful models. Angela believes that hair loss can be reversed especially with early detection. Most people have been brainwashed by their hair stylist, friends, and family that they will never get their hair back again! Well in some cases yes but there are a lot of cases where yes, many people can regrow their hair, edges, and beards men! The good news is you can have your life back, and remove the braids, or wigs. Now if you love wearing protective styles, then understand treatments really work and will prevent your hair from falling out without warning. Angela has done the research and learned that a healthy scalp gives you healthy hair with protein & hydration.

Angela will be featured in the Magazine (She Rocks It) March 23, 2024, where she gives you a tell all experience on a NEW HOPE that you can regrow your hair. In Angela’s hair loss salon, she always says TRUST THE PROCESS, she believes everyone Deserves Healthy Hair! Angela H. Brown, Contact: Business number: 877-833-5877, ext.2