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March 07, 2024
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(BPRW) The I'm Loving Me Project Creates Healing Spaces with Virtual Town Halls for Black Women and Men

(Black PR Wire) Atlanta, GA – The I'm Loving Me Project, a leading advocate for holistic well-being for Women of Color, proudly announces its commitment to fostering safe spaces for Black men and women through its virtual town hall series. The recent town halls, "Sistas, How Ya'll Feel" on February 22, 2024, and "Brothas, Y’all Alright?" on February 29, 2024, marked impactful discussions on crucial themes.

Sistas, How Y’all Feel:

The town hall for Black women addressed pressing issues surrounding their experiences. Moderated by the visionary founder, Gloria Ward, and featuring panelists Latoya Shauntay Snell, Founder of Running Fat Chef, Andrea Bibbs, Founder of June Dragonfly and Melody Gross, Founder of Courageous SHIFT, the event delved into topics such as corporate challenges, entrepreneurship disparities, and navigating love and relationships. The theme "Protecting the Black Women and Reclaiming Our Space" provided a framework for authentic conversations and collective healing.

Brothas, Y’all Alright?

Exploring the theme "Black Masculinity and Mental Health," Moderated by Gloria Ward and featuring panelists The Kingdom Brothers, Jonathan Jay DuBois, Executive Director of CTC and Leon Walker, the discussion on February 29, 2024, aimed to destigmatize mental health within the Black male community. Addressing challenges unique to Black men, the event facilitated open dialogue on breaking stereotypes, overcoming mental health stigma, and fostering resilience.

Gloria Ward, Founder of The I'm Loving Me Project, expressed, "Our commitment to creating safe spaces for Black men and women is unwavering. These town halls serve as vital platforms for authentic conversations, healing, and empowerment. By addressing the nuances of Black experiences, we aim to contribute to the collective well-being of our community."

The I'm Loving Me Project remains dedicated to uplifting and empowering Black individuals through initiatives that resonate with the diverse aspects of their lives. The success of the recent town halls highlights the importance of intentional dialogue and community support in navigating the complexities of Black experiences.

Beyond the virtual town hall, The I’m Loving Me Project is gearing up for their annual conference Becoming Truly You, happening in Atlanta, GA, on March 15–17 at The Hotel Indigo downtown. Participants will learn from various speakers, including Founder Gloria Ward and others, while having networking opportunities and more. Tickets can be reserved at

For more information about The I'm Loving Me Project and upcoming events, please visit Replays are available on The I’m Loving Me Project YouTube channel:

About The I'm Loving Me Project:

The I'm Loving Me Project is a transformative movement founded by Gloria Ward, dedicated to fostering self-love, empowerment, and holistic well-being within the Black community. Through events, workshops, and online platforms, the project aims to create spaces for authentic conversations, healing, and personal development. The I'm Loving Me Project is committed to challenging societal norms, breaking barriers, and promoting a culture of self-love and acceptance.