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March 09, 2024
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(BPRW) The Kimberly Cloud Show LLC Hopes to Reach Heights Like Never Before

(Black PR Wire) Seattle, Washington – Kimberly Cloud has been working diligently at creating and producing: “The Kimberly Cloud Show LLC”. With this show she is able to Produce and distribute among the platforms of streamyard. Cloud is also on Apple podcast and have over 100 episodes produced. When she is finished with editing she will send the recipient a copy when she will put it on all five platforms: DCTV- Washington DC Network, SBTV: Santa Barbra Network, Tap Tv: Lompoc California network, MNN: Manhattan Neighborhood Network, and NECAT TV, Nashville publica TV Network. She is also affiliated with KCAA and BBS. KCAA are affiliates of NBC and the producers let me put my show onto their platform where she has interviewed some key players. She gets to interview celebrities and has some lines up for the month of March. BBS radio is every other Wednesday which Rudy Giuliani is a special regular guest there as well.

Cloud has interviewed over 300 people and has an extensive background. DC Glenn, Rapper from “WHOOMP THERE IT IS” and Steve Harper ex NFL Star has been interviewed by her. She is trying to get actor Will Roberts onto the show. Cloud was trying to run for state senator until she met Executive Director Matthew. He mentioned that in her district its more difficult and suggested (AND I AGREED) to run for city councilwoman. Cloud has run for US Senate in Santa Maria where she had a meet and greet with Mayor Alice Patino. Even further than that she was able to talk to Daymond John about her old business: Blue Cloud Cleaning Company. Being the Executive producer and going to school is very therapeutic. Being able to get prepared to run in May of 2025 by campaigning is something im ready for.

Cloud has been on la raza radio and the creative nomad. She had gotten awards from Hometown Heroes Banner, by the Mayor of Santa Maria for veterans National Society Leadership of Achievement Award. Hometown Heroes Banner, given by the Mayor Pitino Honor roll H.S. National Leadership Society of Success and Leadership Golden Key International Honor Society certificate of completion Trio Stairs Award Certificate of recognition Eastern Star Diploma, honorable Army honorable discharge in 2006 Marquis Who’s Who  Crea Brainz Magazine award.

Cloud has been wanting to make a change in people’s lives for a really long time. With crime sky rocketing Cloud feels the need to step in an take action by voicing her opinion about how to make her city safe again. You can find her at these addresses: