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July 21, 2018
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What Does It Mean To Thrive?

Habits of Success / Thrivin’ Online with Black PR Wire by Joseph Ellick

            During my short journey in life thus far I have been fascinated with the process to become successful. Constantly reading stories and watching documentaries of successful people from musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, to famous authors and actors. I even took the obsession farther by watching animal planet every night to see the process of a successful hunt for animals.  Every day in high school when the day was over I had to rush to the bus stop to catch the city bus home and I always saw this particular father pick up his son in the most expensive looking car I’ve ever seen. One day I missed the bus purposely just to ask him how he got that vehicle.  What did he do? He simply said: “thrive for greatness and never look back”. That perplexed me for a long time because I never could grasp the meaning on how to thrive.


In time I have learned the basis on what it means to thrive. If a group of people in a room all wrote their goals down and you compared them they all would have one goal in common – become successful.  What makes the process of becoming successful unique is how there is no distinctive way to do so. Every person has their own agenda and views on life which makes becoming successful self-determined. What’s your motivation? For some it’s making money, fame, climbing the corporate ladder, while others it’s their family.


Saw a statement by Ray Goforth that said “There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” In order to succeed though you have to make a choice to do so. There are so many books and people who can give you adequate advice on how to be successful but there are particular habits you have to obtain to reach your goal.


  1. Having a strong drive

Success can only be grasp by someone with a strong drive. If your will and desire are strong enough then you will open doors that will always keep you going towards your goals.  People who are successful are not more intelligent than others, or even stronger, but their motivation surpasses most.


  1. Overcome, don’t be negative!

It is guaranteed in life there will be days you wake up and it seems everything around you is collapsing. Life breaks down around you at times and most of the time it’s out of your control or sometimes things go wrong because you did something wrong.  There will always be unexpected turns in your life but what separates success and failure during those times is a positive outlook and overcoming everything in your way. The spirit to overcome comes from you being committed to your goals and believing in yourself. Successful people are never negative.


  1. Being disciplined

Self-discipline is the ability to control and motivate yourself and do things that are beneficial for you. It applies across all spectrums of your life -from your mind to your body to soul and to your bank account. It can be a hard task to maintain but it definitely is a key to success.


  1. Don’t be afraid to take risks

 Successful people are not afraid to take risks and new initiatives. Life is all about gambling. You have to stroke boldly! Do not close your mind, dream big, be open to new possibilities and be ready to give up anything to fulfill your goals.


  1. Surround yourself with the winners!

 Every day we are surrounded by a variety of people. Some encourage us and bring joy, and others drain our energy. Being around positive people clears away negativity and creates more room for renewed energy. Positive energy also surrounds us with a supportive and healing space that fosters our growth. Moreover, positive people will help you see that anything is possible. They will encourage you to believe that you can make anything happen if you try hard enough. Hence, this way of thinking can really help you to succeed.

 Always thrive for the best, thrive for success and translate your idea of success into actionable goals and it will help you reach it!

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