A Steady Climb to Change....Thrivin Online with Ashley D. Bell

Ashley has made a steady climb to get where he is today and The THRIVIN’ ONLINE crew was granted an exclusive interview to see what changes he has in store: https://youtu.be/mjsVNoQ2R8Q

Everyone growing up has had a dream or goal and envisioned themselves at the mountain top. Once you start the life journey up that mountain life seems to always put as many obstacles along the way to detour your progress. It takes a determined individual with self-discipline, motivation, and a strong mental compass to navigate through those obstacles to reach the top of the mountain and make changes on the way up.  One individual who has all of those attributes is Ashley D Bell. Growing from a young entrepreneur who wanted to make a difference to now a pivotal political figure in the country today with the power to do so. 

Read More:https://blackprwire.com/press-releases/bprw-a-steady-climb-to-change-thrivin-online-with-ashley-d-bell

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