(BPRW) Comcast and Faceforward Productions Partner for Upcoming Docuseries, “The Black Beauty Effect” From Creator and Executive Producer Andrea Lewis, Executive Producers Jackie Aina, Kahlana Barfield Brown and CJ Faison

This first-of-its-kind docuseries examines the Black women who are serving as catalysts for social change within the beauty industry and features mega beauty influencers and industry titans Whitney White, Mikki Taylor, Cara Sabin, Esi Eggleston Bracey, Sam Fine, Amber Riley, Elaine Welteroth, Jessica Cruel, Kayla Graves, Sir John, Shalom Blac and more; Premiering exclusively on Black Experience on Xfinity channel this fall.

The Black Beauty Effect is a three-part docuseries capturing the current evolution, revolution, and disruption taking place within the beauty industry. Black beauty influencers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs have taken up the torch passed down from their pioneering predecessors. Each hour-long episode examines a different aspect of beauty – hair, skin, and makeup – through the lens of some of the beauty industry’s most iconic game-changers. The Black Beauty Effect peels back the gorgeous glow we see in advertisements to tell the ugly truths that have plagued the beauty industry for far too long.

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