(BPRW) Sonshine Communications produces “Sistas Speak”

(Black PR Wire) Sistas Organizing to Survive (S.O.S.), a grassroots movement supported by the Florida Department of Health, and Sonshine Communications have teamed up to develop a documentary video on the lives of Black women who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in south Florida. The video is called “Sistas Speak” and is a thought-provoking, moving and inspirational documentary on this pandemic.

“This documentary provides women of color with the opportunity to share, inform, engage and empower others where they live, work, play and worship,” says Bernadette Morris, CEO of Sonshine Communications, producer of the project. “By recording these stories, we hope this information will encourage Black women to get tested and know their status, and to be well-informed of the risk that heightens their chances of contracting HIV.”

“Sistas Speak” is a documentary on the lives of Black Women who are affected or infected by HIV in South Florida. The intention was to produce a film that profiles the lives and the experiences of Black women, from the ages of 21 and older, who are living with HIV or have been affected by HIV in various ways. In addition, the video provides local statistics on the epidemic among Black women in South Florida.

The film also discusses in detail a prevention and intervention product called PrEP, and how Black women who may be vulnerable to HIV, can take a pill daily to lower their chances of getting infected.

“Sistas Speak” was taped earlier this year, and made its debut during National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Guest speakers represent communities of all walks of life from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.      

The Florida Department of Health in Broward County funded the development of this project. Topics addressed in the documentary include “What is HIV and AIDS;” What are common types of STDs; How to contract HIV/AIDS and STDs, the Symptoms of HIV/AIDS; Ways to Reduce Your Risk of HIV/AIDS; Testing for HIV; Living With HIV, and more.

Partners and participants of the documentary include: African Heritage Cultural Arts Center; Dr. Rashida Biggs; Carla Cody; Marshall L. Davis; Bessie Dennis; Tony Duncan; Patricia Fleurinord; Theodore “Teddy” Harrell, Jr.; Bobby Henry; Krystle Kirkland-Mobley; Crystal Lee; Trudy Love; Kalenthia Nunnally; Evageline Odomes; Bessie Simmons; Tamara Simmons; Ed Sparan; Jannell Taveres; Shirley Thimothee-Paul; Vans Car Wash; and World AIDS Museum.

Sonshine Communications is a full-service public relations, marketing and advertising firm that specializes in cause-related marketing. With a successful 24-year history in the industry, Sonshine has extensive experience in developing and implementing marketing and public awareness campaigns for their clients throughout the nation. For more information on Sonshine Communications, call 305-948-8063 or write via email at info@sonshine.com

For more information about HIV/AIDS, call the Florida AIDS Hotline at 1-800-FLA-AIDS, or visit www.stopthespread.com, or www.browardgreaterthan.org

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