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February 02, 2009
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Roniece Weaver MS RD D
Executive Director

( BPRW) Soul Food Cookbook Owners Breaking New Ground

(BLACK PR WIRE) (February 2, 2009) Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc Launches Nutrition Resource Center (Orlando, FL) - A nonprofit organization based in Orlando Florida has created a unique way to combat health diseases that plague their community. The state of the art Nutrition Resource center found at 2009 West Central Blvd. It provides more than 25 opportunities for communities to learn more about diet related disease to help improve the health of many Central Floridians. 

The site, described as "impressive" by Lela Allen, Director of HUD for The City of Orlando, who funded the renovation project, states its fills a void in the health community. Hebni Nutrition Consultants,(HNC), provides resources not only to information about wellness as it relates to diet but directs its efforts to prevention, strategies for wellness and how to improve weight, blood pressure, blood sugars, and lipid levels. 

"The Nutrition Resource Center offers one-stop shopping for consumers interested in improving health". Their focus also includes offering strategies for wellness for kids and youth to assist with slowing down the rate of obesity in untapped communities. 

"Based on the architectural drawings, it's a very well done and a comprehensive site," said Daisy Lynum ,District 5 City Commissioner. The site is designed to offer greater breadth and scope of health service s to communities that are looking for diversity in health care that they may not find in traditional settings. "Unlike other nutrition offices, HNC has taken the FUBU (for us by us) concept further to provide culturally competent nutrition care for the young at heart up to the adult that wants to grow old with good health. Hebni doesn't just provide links to other resources; it provides helpful nutrition education, hands on cooking demonstrations, and closes the gap on the digital divide with their internet resource center that will help direct consumers to health information. This center is now more invaluable to Orlando as the country faces more cuts in health care. Consumers need an outlet to receive health information where they are comfortable in receiving it and retaining it. 

HNC is excited about the ability to film their most popular TV show Health and Fitness Now on property. They want to continue and expand their show into 9 counties with a collaborative partnership with WCEU/PBS. Weaver states, "Where are you going to find a cooking show that is hosted by black dietitians that focus on healthy aspects of soul food?" They won Telly awards when the show was first aired on Orange TV. Gaines, Partner in Hebni says, it brings us joy when we find that consumers do watch the show, but beyond that they are using the recipes and taking the wellness strategies to heart. She says, we just want to give them information, in the way the want it. Its time for a change and we must start now!" 

Weaver, co-author of 5 books with Gaines has compiled several wellness books that focus on soul food with the American Diabetes Association, which are all doing well. Weaver and Gaines, along with Weaver's twin sister will demonstrate healthy ways to cook "comfort foods" on Health and Fitness Now. Weaver says you can't eat everyday like its Christmas, there are some things we can get away with but on a daily basis we must stay focus in order to regain and restore our health. 

Ellareetha Carson, senior of the group has much interest in providing wellness to pregnant moms and seniors in the community of Central Florida. In her prior work she served as a dietitian for Volusia and Orange County Health Departments. Her sage thoughts continue to show through the development of the center. Carson states that there's no excuse for you not to know about your health. Weaver hopes to provide wellness messages to all people from all backgrounds, including the Hispanic community and Haitian communities as well. Food affects us all but we must be able to translate our wellness messages in a format that can be received by all. Gaines, noted that the center has "lots of nice resources and is attractively laid out as well, parents and kids are going to enjoy coming here." The team ofHebni plans to add in the future meal planning stations that will assist you in planning out Soul Food meals that are Heart Healthy for the freezer. Think of it as a frozen dinner that you put together just for you that was portioned controlled and seasoned for your dietary needs. 

Weaver explained that from the comfort of their chairs they will learn nutrition education, but they will also learn a new way of cooking. The center is adorned with 4 beautiful kitchens where learning is conducive and contagious. Future plans include selling portion control plates, spoodles, salt free seasonings, healthy soul food aprons and mitts and more. 

Opening in a few months, the NRC already has garnered support from Florida Hospital who plans to support the airing of 13 episodes of Health and Fitness Now. Hebni has received numerous awards from the city, Disney World and a host of supporters stating that they are leaders in the health community that want to see a change. For more information about supporting this nonprofit organization, visit them at 2009 West Central Blvd, or visit their web site at